Expansion Joints  
    Product Name: Metal Expansion Joints  
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    Product introduction

    Metal expansion joints (they also called compensators) are compensating elements for thermal expansion and relative movement in pipelines, containers and machines. They consist of one or more metal bellows, connectors at both ends, and tie rods that depend on the application. They are differentiated according to the three basic types of movement: axial, angular and lateral expansion joints.
    The metal expansion joints is fabricated item to be fitted into a pipeline to absorb movements in and forces exerted on the pipeline. A sheet of metal rolled into a cylinder and seam welded using the GTAW(TIG) welding process. Convolution(corrugations) are formed into the wall of the elements. The elements may be single ply or multi-ply.  The joint consist of a metal expansion joint element with flanges or pipe weld ends fitted to facilitate the bolting or welding of the joint into a pipeline. Control devices commonly called hardware in the industry,  can be attached to control the direction and amounts of movement that the bellows achieves.
    1. In blast furnaces of steel plant.
    2. In tuyere stock high-pressure hot air ducting and pipelines.
    3. In suction and pressure pipelines.
    4. All the major hot air ducting carrying dry cement.
    5. In thermal power plants piping and duct connections.
    6. Turbine and steam carrying ducting.
    7. In nuclear power plants.
    8. For connecting equipment to pipelines.
    9. For correcting misalignment and vibration isolation
    1. Stainless steel bellows joint
    2. Size Range: 50mm I.D. - 6000mm I.D.
    3. Body material: SS 304, SS 316
    4. Flange material: carbon steel (elec. galvanized), stainless steel 
    5. Working pressure: PN16, PN20, Class 150LB, JIS10K, JIS20K
    6. Flanges acc. to ANSI, DIN, BS, JIS standard

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