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    Product Name: Dismantling Joint  
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    Product introduction

    FLOWSPEC dismantling joints are specially designed to provide an easy method of removing or installing any kind of flanged object in a pipeline, such as valves, pumps, flanged pipe fittings or other similar objects. Final anchoring is ensured by the supply of tie-rods, which are also used as flange jointing bolts, which reduce the number of bolts required. Because of their greater flexibility and economy, dismantling joints are steadily replaced flanged pipe joints in today's plant and marine applications. Unlike flanged joints, couplings not only eliminate the need for costly welding but also compensate for extreme degrees of pipe linear expansion, vibration, and laying deflection. From chemical plants to mammoth tankers, these couplings are utilized extensively throughout plant and marine piping as a wide range of models is available
    Technical specifications
    1. Applicable standard: ISO, BS/EN, AWWA /ANSI
    2. Size: DN40-DN4000
    3. Material: carbon steel; GGG40, GGG50, BS2789, DIN1693, ASTM A536
    4. Nominal pressure: PN6, PN10, PN16, PN25, PN40
    5. Flanged ends: ISO2531, DIN2501/2576, BS4504, ANSI B16.5, BS EN1092-1/2, EN545/EN598
    6. Sealing: EPDM, NBR, NR, SBR
    7. Fasteners: galvanized steel, SS304, SS316
    8. Finish: Epoxy coating inside and outside 250micro 

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