Water Service Valve  
    Product Name: 200X Pressure Reducing Valve  
    Related Tags: pressure reducing valve,safety valve,water power control valve,automatic control valve  
    Product introduction

    FLOWSPEC 200X diaphragm type pressure reducing valve is one type of intelligent valve to regulate and control pipe pressure through the fluids self-energy. 200X pressure reducing valve is applicable to living water supply, firefighting water supply and Industrial water supply system, it can adjust the main valve outlet pressure by adjusting the pressure reducing pilot valve. The main valve outlet pressure will not change because of affecting by the inlet pressure or inlet flow change, but will keep on the set one safely and reliably. The valve can be also adjusted the set pressure to achieve reducing the pressure.
    200X diaphragm type pressure reducing valve has accurate pressure reducing, stable, safe and reliable performance, convenient installation and adjust, and long service life.


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